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Longer fishing expeditions can be mounted with simple structures. Larger, heated structures can make multiple day fishing trips possible.

A structure with various local names, but often called an ice shanty , ice shack, fish house, shack, bobhouse, or ice hut, is sometimes used. These are dragged or towed onto the lake using a vehicle such as a snowmobile , ATV or truck. The two most commonly used types are portable and permanent.

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The portable houses are often made of a heavy material that is usually watertight. The two most common types of portable houses are those with a shelter that flips behind the user when not needed, or pop up shelters with a door as the only way out. The permanent shelters are made of wood or metal and usually have wheels for easy transport.

They can be as basic as a bunk heater and holes or have satellite television, bathrooms, stoves, full-size beds and may appear to be more like a mobile home than a fishing house. In North America , ice fishing is often a social activity. Some resorts have fish houses that are rented out by the day; often, shuttle service by Snow Track or other vehicles modified to drive on ice is provided. In Finland, solitary and contemplative isolation is often the object of the pastime.

In Finland, fish houses are a rare occurrence, but wearing a sealed and insulated dry suit designed with space-age fabric is not. Ice fishing gear is highly specialized. An ice saw , auger or chisel is used to cut a circular or rectangular hole in the ice.

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Power augers are sometimes used. If these tools are not available, an axe may be used to chop the hole. A skimmer, a large metal spoon with holes in it, is used to remove new ice as it forms and to clear slush left from making the hole. During colder periods most ice anglers choose to carry a heater of some type. The heater is not only for warmth but also for keeping an angler's fishing hole from freezing.

The first is using a small, light fishing rod with small, brightly coloured lures or jigs with bait such as wax worms, fat heads or crappie or shiner minnows. The angler sits at the hole in the ice and lifts the pole every now and then, producing the jig effect. The second is using tip-ups , which are made of wood or plastic, and have a spool of line attached, with a thin piece of metal that goes from the spool to the flag. Black line is put on the spool and a swivel is placed at the end of the black line.

Then a piece of fishing line with a hook is attached to the swivel. Worms, power bait, grub worms or small minnows are placed on the hook. The hook with bait is placed into the water under the ice. The depth that the bait is placed goes according to several theories. One theory is the bait is placed one meter under the ice. The second is that the bait is placed two to three metres under the ice. When the fish strikes the bait the flag is lifted which notifies the angler that he has a fish on the hook.

The angler pulls the line in and the fish fights.

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The angler will allow the line to slip through his hands during the struggle. Finally, when the angler can get the fish's head into the hole in the ice, the fish is quickly lifted onto the ice. This allows for less-intensive fishing. The third method is spear fishing. A large hole is cut in the ice and fish decoys may be deployed.

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The angler sits in a dark ice shanty called a dark house. The angler then peers into the water while holding a large spear which has four or five points. A line can be attached to the points. The fisherman waits for fish to appear, then plunges the spear into the water. This method is often used for lake sturgeon fishing. In the United States many states allow only rough fish to be taken while spear fishing.

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Becoming increasingly popular is the use of a flasher, similar to its summer cousin the fishfinder. This is a sonar system that provides depth information, as well as indicating the presence of fish or other objects. These flashers, unlike most typical fishfinders, display the movement of fish and other objects almost instantaneously.

The bait being used can often be seen as a mark on the flasher, enabling the angler to position the bait right in front of the fish. Underwater cameras are also now available which allow the user to view the fish and observe their reaction to the lure presentation. Clubbing is an old method seldom used today, mainly used on burbot , the fisherman walks on clear ice in shallow water and sees a large fish through the ice and with a large club which he or she slams into the ice, the shockwave hits the fish and it is temporary paralyzed, which gives the fisherman time to cut a hole in the ice to collect the fish.

Ice fishing methods have changed drastically over the past 20 years. The name of the game is mobility for today's modern ice anglers. The days of drilling hole, waiting and hoping that a fish will swim by, are starting to fade. With light gear, battery-operated sonar units, and fast and powered augers, an angler can conceivably drill and check hundreds of holes in a single day.

When the fish stop biting where they are, anglers can move to the next hole, checking it with their sonar first to look for activity, and if there are no fish they will keep moving until fish are found. In addition, schools of fish tend to move around; so a hole may be productive for 10 minutes and then slow down to nothing for an hour before a school returns to that location. This "fish where the fish are" technique and ease of mobility increases the catch rate of any angler, because it minimizes the wait between bites, similar to "trolling" in the month of summer.

Anglers can now use many available maps and surveys to help pinpoint lakes and areas within those lakes that make sense to try for specific fish, noting those locations in latitude and longitude coordinates. They are then able to use a handheld GPS receiver to aim them to those spots, usually with accuracy of less than 20 feet.

Ice anglers then drill holes with whichever auger they have, checking the ice thickness for safety as they go. Using sonar, the angler can determine the depth of the water, bottom content, weed and structure cover, and even see if there are fish there.

Also, by using sonar, they can place the bait according to where they think the fish are. If I'm not working, I'm usually fishing. I've been pun intended hooked on fishing since I was three years old. I started fishmasters to help people find fishing tips, places and products to improve their chances at bigger and better catches. I really enjoyed this post about ice fishing lakes in Wisconsin! I have a blog myself, if you are open, I might curate this post to my audience.

CRAZIEST Ice Fishing Day of my Life!!! (SIGHT-FISHING Through the Ice)

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Thank you for all the hard work you put into it. It really shows. This means that the time that you have left for fishing is at night under the stars. While ice fishing at night might Whenever you are planning an ice fishing trip, you want to make sure you are bringing the right equipment to make the most out of your trip. Ice fishing buckets are a simple but useful piece of equipment to bring with Propane ice augers are growing in popularity for ice anglers.

These augers are almost as powerful as gas augers, without the mess and harmful emissions produced by gas augers. Learn more about propane powered augers and We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Fishmasters Privacy Terms Sitemap. Table of Contents.